Hospital and Physician Liable Under EMTALA for Transferring Suicidal and Intoxicated Patient to Jail for Protective Custody

Carlisle v. Frisbie Mem'I Hosp., 888 A.2d 405 (N.H. 2005)

A recently completed national survey of hospitals found that 55% of all hospital admissions  (excluding  pregnancy  and childbirth)  in 2003 entered the hospital  through the hospital's emergency  department, a total of 16 million patients.  The fifth most­ often given reason for admission was mental health and substance abuse disorders  (5.8% or nearly 1,000,000 patients, with 387,500 patients admitted for the treatment of mood disorders).   Anne Elixhauser & Pamela Owens, Reasons for Being Admitted to the Hospital  Through the Emergency  Department, 2003, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (H·CUP) (Feb. 2006), http://www.hcup­

Found in DMHL Volume 25 Issue 2