A Court Can Not Impose Care and Discharge Obligations on a Hospital Beyond the Period of Time for Which the Individual Was Involuntarily Committed

Inova Health Sys. v. Grandis, 603 S.E.2d 876 (Va. 2004)

An individual was involuntarily committed to a Virginia hospital for a period of 180 days and discharged by the hospital about two-and-a­ half months later.  A circuit court judge that affirmed the individual's initial commitment subsequently held a number of hearings and entered various orders relating to the individual's involuntary commitment, including an order that the hospital had an obligation to care for the individual and to advise the local county department of human development if it chose to discharge the patient.  This order was entered over 10 months after the circuit court affirmed the commitment and over 11 months after the initial commitment order...

Found in DMHL Volume 24 Issue 1